Will the treatment hurt?

No it shouldn’t hurt but you may feel some discomfort if I find an area that is out of balance or congested. The discomfort will only be short lasting as I work through it. With each treatment individually tailored to you the pressure applied will be within your own comfort zone.

Will my private health plan cover the cost of reflexology?

Some private health cash plan providers accept CNHC registration as a condition for paying claims. These include Health Shield, Simply Health and a number of specific employer plans with Westfield Health. You will need to check that Reflexology treatments are included in your plans.

What should I wear?

I recommend loose, comfortable clothing that you feel relaxed in as you will be reclined during the treatment.  Apart from the removal of your shoes and socks for foot reflexology you will remain fully clothed.

Can you diagnose what is wrong with me?

A qualified registered Reflexologist will never diagnose or name an illness and will not prescribe or adjust your medication. Reflexology will complement  your medical care not replace it.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known negative side effects. Reflexology helps the body to rebalance so clients may occasionally experience a natural healing response where the body begins its self-healing process and elimination of toxins.  For example this could manifest itself in  feeling tired, an increase in urination and loosening of the bowels. However these reactions are temporary and should clear within 24-48 hours.

For full details of our sessions please visit our reflexology pages and discover how reflexology can benefit you.

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