I recently underwent training in Precision Reflexology, a form of reflexology that was initially developed by Prue Miskin in  the 1980s and early 1990s and has since been further developed by Jan Williamson.

Precision reflexology is a form of reflexology and it follows the same principles as ‘traditional’ reflexology in that certain points on the feet and hands correspond to specific parts of the body. Therefore applying pressure to these reflex points brings balance and equilibrium to the body and may alleviate and improve symptoms such as everyday stress and tension.

However, the aim of precision reflexology is to connect to a persons energy systems, to adjust it and to harmonise it within itself and with the world surrounding that person. During the treatment we work with this internal energy and accept that the body is a dynamic energy system that is constantly changing.

The treatment does not rely on force or physical pressure and as such is a very gentle therapy. It has the potential for great power even with this gentle pressure and is very effective on any painful reflexes or for fragile and vulnerable clients. The specific technique which is used is called ‘linking’ and this involves holding two identified reflex points at the same time to add power and definition to the treatment. As the link is held, the therapist pauses and is aware of ‘listening’ via their hands and therefore each treatment is unique to the individual. The linking is the feeling of the energy between the two reflex points. The vibration can be felt as a tingle, a pulse, a strong beat or a feeling of warmth. The main benefit being that it provides subtle access to the body energies of each client, giving an added dimension to each session and allowing the therapist to respond fully to the needs of each person. Each individual can receive the benefits in a way that is appropriate to them at the time and each persons own energies are used to heal themselves.

To find out more or book your Precision Reflexology treatment,  please contact me.


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