Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. With a lot of us now working from home unexpectedly with environments that are perhaps not ergonomically set up correctly, we are seeing a lot more clients with pain in the forearms, hands and wrists.

In the age of ‘Dr Google’ it is easy to search symptoms and self-diagnose with varying and sometimes worst case scenario results!

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

CTS is one of the go to diagnosis for any pain, numbness or tingling in the arm. However, amongst other symptoms, carpal tunnel syndrome has quite a unique pain pattern affecting the thumb, first, middle and the lateral side of the ring finger. If you are not experiencing this pain pattern it is likely that you do not have CTS.

Carpal Tunnel

The carpal tunnel is the compartment at the base of the palm where the tendons on the underside of your arm and the median nerve pass through and this nerve gets squeezed or compressed as it travels through the carpal tunnel.

Testing for CTS

There is a simple test that you can carry out to check whether you think you have it called the Phalen’s test. If the test is not ‘positive’ then perhaps the tingling and pain is being caused further up the arm, and may need further investigation.

It is important that you get diagnosed correctly but at the same time self massage, stretching, self help exercises and a positive mindset can greatly improve this condition and help you get back in control.

Reflexology could help provide relief from the symptoms associated with CTS by unlocking the joints in the wrists and reducing the pressure on the median nerve, helping it move more freely.

As a reflexologist, I can use a variety of techniques and activate various reflexology points in the hand, which helps reduce tension in the areas associated with the syndrome.

Reflexology may also help treat underlying conditions that may be contributing by reducing inflammation, improving circulation in the areas affected by CTS, and promoting overall client health.

If you are in pain, have any muscle soreness and tightness or suffering with stress or anxiety then please contact me to discuss how our virtual treatments can help.

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