Let’s take five

Life is stressful. We can probably all agree on that right now….

Whether your days just got busier with children at home or you are finding yourself with a little more free time on your hands, we can ALL find five minutes.

Taking five minutes out of your day won’t throw the whole day off kilter. And de-stressing can actually save you time in your day by allowing you to slow down and focus, instead of rushing through tasks and making errors.

Here are 5️⃣ ways to de-stress in 5️⃣ minutes or less


Take a few minutes first thing in the morning to breathe deeply.

The Navy Seals use this technique to stay calm and focused during chaos.


Stress causes us to hold tension in our muscles, especially our neck, jaw, and shoulders.

Stretch your arms above your head, roll your head and neck and shoulders, and really take the time to feel your muscles stretching and recovering.

Breathe deeply. Don’t think about anything except the release that you feel in your body with each stretch.


In addition to stretching, tensing and releasing your muscles can help to reduce stress.

Lay flat and close your eyes. Scrunch your face and clench your jaw… and release. Tense your shoulders… and release. Consciously tense and relax your muscle systems, working your way from your head to your feet. Exhale deeply with each release. Think of a worry while you tense and let that worry go while you release.


Put aside your lists, calendar, planner, never-ending to-do list and daily worries and take five minutes to write down 3-5 (or more!) things that you are grateful for each day.

The worries can wait for five minutes. Think, visualise and write down the positive things in your life and your day.


Make a cup of tea or coffee and SIT DOWN.

We are always on the go and rarely make or take the time to sit and enjoy our tea or coffee.

Sit down – in your kitchen, in the garden, in bed, wherever. Just take five minutes to sit down and sip and breathe. Finding pleasure in small moments counters the stressors of the day.

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