Today’s lifestyles are stressful, whether it’s juggling work, children, finances or relationships, stress is everywhere. In the latest report from the CIPD, stress-related work absence has increased over the last year in nearly two-fifths of organisations. Heavy workloads remain the most common cause of workplace stress.

STRESS: Good or Bad?

Whilst a little stress can be a good thing, too much stress and increased cortisol (a hormone secreted by the adrenals) levels are required. When cortisol levels cannot then rise in response, maintaining your body under stress is impossible. This constant ‘pedal to the metal’ leaves little room for the adrenals to recoup and can lead to conditions like adrenal fatigue, leaving you feeling unwell, tired and have ‘grey’ feelings.

Recognising that you have stress symptoms may seem easy but when stress is the ‘normal’ at which we operate we don’t know we are stressed until generally it’s too late.

Reflexology for Stress

I have many clients that come for a reflexology treatment is literally the first time they have stopped and taken some time out for themselves. Just the act of lying down on the couch is enough for the body to physically relax. This relaxation response on it’s own should help to counteract the effects of chronic stress by slowing down the breath, relaxing the muscles and reducing blood pressure. Add to this the gentle pressure applied to the reflex points during a reflexology session in which the aim is to restore the body’s natural balance, stimulate the nervous system and open the energy pathways.

So take heed of the saying, “if you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.”

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